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Minor Burns

With the slip of a curling iron, or an absent-minded touch to a hot pan, you can quite suddenly be dealing with a painful burn. If you suffer a minor burn, know that Jovive Health is available to provide walk-in care, right when you need it. Our friendly medical team is available 7 days a week to treat your minor burns.

First-degree burns are red and painful (like a sunburn) and affect only the outer layer of the skin. These burns can usually be treated at home. But for deeper second-degree burns, it’s a good idea to seek professional treatment.

If your burn appears red, white, or splotchy, and causes swelling, blisters, and/or severe pain, head into our urgent care center right away. Our talented providers can perform a fast, affordable burn evaluation and determine an appropriate treatment plan for your specific injury. Get professional care to reduce pain, avoid infection, speed up the recovery process, and lessen your risk of scarring.

Burns happen in an instant. We can help.

Head to our clinic for care and relief.
It’s especially important to see a doctor for minor burns that are already showing signs of infection. You may need antibiotics and/or specialty care if your burn symptoms include:
Jovive Urgent Care
Increasing pain
Jovive Urgent Care
Jovive Urgent Care
Jovive Urgent Care
Jovive Urgent Care
Seek emergency care for:
Jovive Urgent Care
Deep burns, which means burns affecting all layers of the skin or even deeper tissues
Jovive Urgent Care
Difficulty breathing or burns to the airway
Burns that:
Jovive Urgent Care
cover the face or a large area of the body
Jovive Urgent Care
cause the skin to look leathery
Jovive Urgent Care
appear charred or have patches of black, brown or white
Jovive Urgent Care
are caused by electricity
Schedule an Appointment or Walk-In Today

If you’re suffering from a minor burn, visit Jovive Health for quick care. Our Cameron Park urgent care clinic is open 7 days a week and accepts appointments and walk-ins. You can check-in online for fast care when you need it, or call ahead to schedule an appointment.

 Please not that online check-in is limited to walk-in services.