Treating Allergies and Allergic Reactions at Our Cameron Park, CA, Office

Picture of a woman sneezing into a tissue because she's having an allergic reaction to flowers.The next time you start feeling an allergic reaction coming on, turn to the skilled team at Jovive Health, our practice is 100% owned and led by doctors. We expertly treat various types of allergies at our Cameron Park, California, office, so whether you’re experiencing seasonal allergies or a reaction to an environmental allergen like dust or mold, you can count on us to promptly deliver the exceptional care you deserve.

Common Allergy Symptoms

Sometimes, when you come into contact with a harmless substance, your immune system mistakenly identifies it as being dangerous. In order to fight off the substance, your immune system begins producing antibodies, and this can cause you to:

  • Develop red, watery eyes
  • Become congested
  • Sneeze
  • Cough
  • Wheeze
  • Experience shortness of breath
  • Swell up
  • Feel itchy
  • Develop hives (a raised skin rash that’s usually red or flesh-colored)

The exact allergic reaction symptoms that you experience will depend on various factors, such as what’s causing your immune response. After speaking with you about your condition and performing a brief examination, we’ll be able to recommend a customized course of treatment that will help relieve your symptoms.

Get the Allergy Treatment You Need

If you’re experiencing an allergic reaction, visit Jovive Health today to receive care from one of the highly experienced providers on our team. Our Cameron Park, CA, office—located at 4062 Flying C Road—is open every day of the week with extended hours. You can either walk in or book a same-day reservation, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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