Pink Eye Treatment for the Cameron Park, CA, Community

Picture of a man taking off his glasses and touching his eye in pain because he needs pink eye treatment.Are you concerned that you might have conjunctivitis, more commonly known as “pink eye”? Treatment is available for Cameron Park, California, residents and visitors at Jovive Health, a 100% doctor-owned and -led practice. When you visit our local clinic, we will determine exactly what is causing your symptoms and prescribe you a customized course of treatment.

Common Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink eye occurs when the conjunctiva—the transparent membrane covering the white portion of the eyeball and lining the eyelid—becomes infected or inflamed due to allergies, bacteria, irritation, a virus, or a tear duct blockage (in infants). When this happens, it can cause the affected eye to:

  • Redden
  • Itch
  • Feel gritty
  • Tear up
  • Produce discharge

In many cases, the discharge associated with pink eye will build up and form a crust overnight, making it difficult or impossible to open that eye the next morning. Although pink eye can often be treated at home—for instance, by cleaning the affected eyelid, applying a cool or warm compress, and administering artificial tears—you should seek professional pink eye treatment if your symptoms are severe, get worse, or fail to improve even after administering at-home remedies.

Rely on Our Clinic for Pink Eye Care

If you’re experiencing the symptoms listed above, visit Jovive Health’s Cameron Park, CA, clinic today for pink eye treatment. We are open seven days a week, making us a convenient option for the busy residents of this community. In addition, we offer same-day reservations and accept walk-in patients.