The same great team you know and trust.

A letter from our Medical Director:


As we close out our first full year of providing care to the South Loop neighborhood, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and also share some exciting news.

First, I’m so proud to lead such a passionate and dedicated team of healthcare professionals. It’s been a busy and exciting year and we love that we have already been adopted by so many as their neighborhood healthcare provider.

Our team is here to stay, and we are committed to serving South Loop with the same high-quality convenient healthcare. We are also excited for some growth and positive changes coming in the next few months, including:

    • On February 1 we began using a new name and website: Jovive Health
    • Addition of primary care services – let us know if you’re interested in establishing care with us
    • An additional location coming soon to Aurora, IL

We will share more information on the additional services and location soon. In the meantime, please take a moment to learn about our new name and what it means for you.

And please know that our proactive, patient-centered focus and compassion has not changed and will continue to be the driving forces that have placed us at the heart of better care. ❜

Dr. Danny Boulos On Duty Urgent Care

– Dany Boulos, MD

Introducing Jovive Health

We believe better medicine is founded in being connected to our communities, each other, and most importantly, our patients.

And what works best for one patient, doesn’t necessarily work for others. That’s why we personalize your experience and provide flexibility in how you see our providers and make every effort to get you in and out quickly.

At Jovive Health clinics, you’ll always see board-certified physicians and qualified physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and clinicians. Together, we deliver straightforward, modern healthcare for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

On Duty Urgent Care changed its name to Jovive Health on February 1, 2022. You may be wondering, “What’s changed?” Read on to learn about our exciting enhancements.


OK, so what has changed?

Our name has changed. Our website URL has changed. We will be offering more services and locations. That’s it.

We are the same team of clinicians, providing the same high-quality care. To meet the needs of our patients, we continue to evolve and grow and will be opening more locations in the future.

And we are still part of Vituity, a partnership owned and led by physicians, with a 50-years history of driving positive change in healthcare. Our 5,000 doctors and clinicians care for 8 million patients each year. Together, we develop front-line solutions for healthcare challenges that improve quality and have a direct, positive impact on millions of lives nationwide.


Why are you changing your name?

Vituity has expertise in operating efficient, highly-rated urgent care centers that spans 35 years. We are consolidating our urgent care practices under the Jovive brand to allow us to more efficiently bring you conveniences and innovations to better serve your needs and deliver affordable, accessible care.

We currently operate ten Vituity and Jovive urgent care locations. We also support leading health systems at an additional 90 urgent care locations across the country.


What does Jovive mean?

Jo∙vive / ˈjō-vēv / A new way to get the care you need to live your best life.

The story behind our name: The name is derived from beliefs lived out in our clinics and our organization: Jo-Vi-Vive. We believe there is joy (Jo) in practicing medicine, it’s the reason we choose to dedicate our lives to healthcare. And we place Vituity (Vi) in the center, as Vituity compassion is the heart of better care. Finally, we help our communities live with Vive, an intransitive verb which is often translated as “to live.”


How do I pronounce it?

Jovive is pronounced ˈjō-vēv. Or put another way, say the name Joe and then letter ‘Vee’ ending with a short v sound: Joe-vee-v.


Does this impact my relationship with my doctor?

There is no change to your relationship with your healthcare provider. We are the same team of providers delivering the same high-quality care to our patients.


Is the clinic still in-network for my insurance?

We are contracted with most major insurers and the name change will have no other impact on these contracts. Please call our clinic to ask about a specific insurer.


Will I still have access to the same medical record?

Yes. The On Duty Urgent Care patient portal is accessible from the same location and it is linked to from our new website.

Manage your health anywhere, anytime. By subscribing to our patient portal, you can access test results, health information and billing, or message the clinic and refill prescriptions.


Can I still walk in for care?

Yes! We always welcome walk ins. If you prefer to wait from the comfort of your home, check out our same-day reservations!


Can I still reserve my visit in advance?

Yes. You still have the same options to walk in, call, or reserve your visit online.

When you need care, you can start your visit here or simply call our existing phone number, 312-858-5112.


What can I expect from Jovive Health?

We understand that you can’t always predict when you’ll need medical attention. And we know that what works best for one patient, doesn’t necessarily work for others. That’s why we personalize your experience by providing flexibility in how you see your providers and make every effort to get you in and out quickly. You can rest assured that you’ll always see board certified physicians and qualified physician assistants and nurse practitioners.


I have feedback, what should I do?

We want to hear from you—the good, the bad, the novel ideas. Your feedback helps us design our clinic to better care for you. Please let our staff know. Stop by or call our office at 312-858-5112.